Mom's Day Out Utah County

Mom’s Day Out Summer Camp

Utah County Summer Camp, Day Camp Lehi

Excited to have your kids home for the summer, but still need some time during the day to get things done?

Want to enroll your kids in summer  camps, but don’t want to balance multiple programs and locations for each age range?

Mom’s Day Out Summer Camp is just what you need!

Mom’s Day Out Summer Camp is a week-long summer camp program from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm, Monday to Friday.

Classes are taught by a team of two sisters. Amy is a preschool teacher with a Bachelors degree in Family and Human Development. She also runs Mom’s Day Out for preschool-aged children during the school year. Taylor is a certified Drama teacher with a license to teach students K-12. She currently teaches Drama at a local Junior High.

We welcome children ages 3-12 to come and join us at Mom’s Day Out Summer Camp!

Utah County Summer Camp, Day Camp Lehi

A bit about Mom’s Day Out Summer Camp…

Mom’s Day Out Summer Camp, like the school year Mom’s Day Out program is held at Miss Amy’s house in the Lehi/Highland area (about a mile and a half north of the Lehi Costco). We have a wonderful back yard and basement with lots of space for kids to have fun in.

For much of the day, children will be separated into two groups. Activities in each session will be tailored specifically to your child’s age range.

  • Ages 3 – 1st Graders will be in Miss Amy’s group.
  • 2nd – 6th graders will be in Miss Taylor’s group.

Maximum session enrollment is 16 with approximately 6-9 campers in each age group.

Groups will spend time both indoors and outdoors so please make sure your child wears sunscreen.  

Children should bring a peanut-free/tree nut-free sack lunch each day. Friday will be a root beer float party!

If your child has any food allergies or health concerns please note it on the registration form.

Unfortunately, Miss Amy’s home, where summer camp is held, is not wheelchair accessible.

We offer a sibling discount! We love having siblings attend together! Your first child is regular price. Each additional child will be $10 off the regular price.

Want to drop by before you sign your child up? Sure! We want you to feel comfortable and fully confident that your child is in great hands! To set up a time to visit, please call (385) 352-0997 or email

Summer Camp Sessions

Session 1 - Storytelling
June 11 - 15
10 am- 2 pm

During this Mom’s Day Out session we explore the art of storytelling through fun games, story maps, and our own mini storytelling festival. Students will learn the basics for crafting their own unique stories. We will also explore characters, themes, and lessons through literature and reader’s theatre activities. 

10 am – 2 pm = $90 

0 spaces available

Session 2 - Science Exploration
June 25 - 29
10 am - 2 pm

During this Mom’s Day Out session we will create fun science experiments and discover science in nature. We will explore through interactive drama integration games what it is like to be a conservational biologist or a part of a plant/animal cell and find new ways to relate to the world around us. 

10 am – 2 pm = $90

0 spaces available

Session 3 - Stop Motion/5 Senses
July 9 - 13
10 am - 2 pm

During this Mom’s Day Out session the older campers will learn the basics of film-making as they create their very own stop motion films. The younger campers will explore the way we use our senses, playing games and participating in hands-on sensory exploration. 

10 am – 2 pm = $90

 0 spaces available

Session 4 - All About the Pioneers
July 16 - 20
10 am - 2 pm

During this Mom’s Day Out session we will discover the history of the pioneers as we use our imaginations to step into a day in the life of a pioneer. We will play pioneer games, read stories, and participate in outdoor activities.

10 am – 2 pm = $90

0 spaces available

Session 5 - Fairytales
August 6 - 10
10 am - 2 pm

During this Mom’s Day Out session we will explore fairytales. Younger campers will read fairytales, do corresponding crafts and collaboratively create their own fairytale. Older campers will have the opportunity to engage in cultural and historical exploration through the basis of the fairytales they know and love as they read and explore multiple versions of popular fairytales. 

10 am – 2 pm = $90

0 spaces available


I love sending my children over to Mom's Day Out with Miss Amy! Not only do I love knowing that my children are loved and cared for and I know they're in capable hands, but also I love it because they are learning valuable life skills and achieving personal growth and development while they are there! We love Mom's Day Out!
Mary M.
Mom to R. & V.
"Going to Miss Amy's house is my favorite! We read stories and do yoga and have snack and do magic!" (By magic, I think she means Science! LOL)
Age 5
Miss Amy is my favorite teacher! I love her!
Age 3
My son loves going to Miss Amy's! She provides wonderful, engaging activties for the kids, and I get to have time to accomplish what I need to do and not feel guilty that Netflix is "babysitting" my kid! Win/win!
Ashleigh I.
Mom to J.
L. loves his time at Miss Amy's! He looks forward to it and is always happy when he gets home. He enjoys being with his friends, and talks about doing "yogurt" (yoga). I love having somewhere for him to go that he is participating in fun, enriching activities!
Stephanie P.
Mom to L.